People Building Better Cities

A traveling exhibition to share and exchange knowledge, build networks, and promote dialogue on people’s participation in meeting the challenge of inclusive urbanization and climate change.

Bhopal 2012

MANIT Bhopal hosted the sixth Global Studio which consisted of the conference ‘Re-imagining Inclusive Urbanisation’ and six hands-on participatory design and planning studio and research projects.

Parallel Cases, Rotterdam

Global Studio was selected to exhibit in the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Open City: Designing Co-existence, September 25, 2009 – January 10, 2010

Johannesburg 2009

Global Studio returned to Diepsloot at the invitation of the Diepsloot Community Development Worker, Ward Councillor and the City of Johannesburg. Some 40 participants worked on projects from 2008 and 2007, proposing designs and practical action.

Johannesburg 2008

Global Studio tried a new model in 2008 – the ‘return model’. With only 25 students, and five mentors, Global Studio returned to work in the township of Diepsloot, starting work on some new projects and continuing with others. The Arts and Culture Network was launched.

Johannesburg 2007

Working with Wits University and the City of Johannesburg, 85 participants from 52 universities worked in three locations: Alexandra, Marshalltown and Diepsloot.

Vancouver 2006

Urban poverty and disadvantage exists in the most liveable cities in the world. 90 students and faculty from 23 countries and 30 universities attended the UN World Urban Forum: Sustainable Cities, and worked with five communities on design and planning issues of importance to them.

Istanbul 2005

70 students from 25 countries came to Istanbul in worked in Zeyrek. Some 200 people attended the Global Studio’s People Building Better Cities sessions held each day of the Union of International Architects Congress.

After seven years, Global Studio came to an end in Bhopal, India. New projects are underway.

Paul Pholeros’ May 5, 2013 TEDx talk occupied this news box when the site files were lost in May 2014. It has now been seen by more than 1,365,000 viewers and has been translated into 25 languages. This talk is an uplifting way to remember him.

Great Global Studio get together at WUF 7: Coral Gillet, Alice Siragusa, Nicolas Valenzuela, Matt French, Guy Trangos, William Chan, Anna Rubbo and Megan Bullock in Medellin.