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Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) hosted the sixth Global Studio which  consisted of the conference ‘Re-imagining Inclusive Urbanization’ and  hands-on participatory design studio and research projects. Global Studio 2012 was developed by convenors Anna Rubbo and Krishna K.  Shrestha (University of Sydney), Krishna K.  Dhote, Anupama Sharma and Preeti Singh (MANIT Bhopal). Bhopal provided an excellent setting for Global Studio 2012.

Re-imagining Inclusive Urbanization: People Building Better Cities featured speakers from India, Nepal, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, the UK, Scotland and the USA.  For more information about the conference themes and what some of the speakers said, go to the International Conference 2012 page.

A primary aim of Global Studio 2012 has been to help emerging urban professionals learn to work more effectively with the urban poor and at the same time deliver outcomes that meet the needs of communities. Maintaining an inclusive urbanization focus, and adopting a participatory approach, over 70 participants made up of students and professionals from India, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, Finland, Germany, UK and USA worked on six projects from January 13-23.

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Anna Rubbo | Associate Professor, University of Sydney, Australia
Krishna Shrestha | Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney, Australia
Krishna Kumar Dhote | Associate Professor, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India
Anupama Sharma | Associate Professor, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India

Project Development Coordinator
Preeti Onkar | Assistant Professor, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India

India: Abhijit Datey, G. Venkatesh, Sumit Gothi, Anuj Jaiswal, Rajarshi Sahai and associate Devangi Ramakrishnan
International: Rodney Harber, Hemant Ojha, Adriano Pupilli, Matthias Neumann, and advisors Chawanad Luansang, Paul Pholeros, Tee Boonmahathanakorn, Jennifer van den Bussche

Project Managers
Jennifer van den Bussche | Sticky Situations, South Africa
Sandra Plaza | Re-Build Global, USA

Film Maker
Simon Forbes, Enmore Design Centre, Australia


Design and Planning
1. Housing: inclusive planning for and with the urban poor
2. Inclusive city centre: ‘knitting’ the old and new city together
3. School Plus: inclusivity (and education) through community engagement

4. Urban Poverty and the Slum Free City
5. Communication and Union Carbide
6. Water access and the urban poor

Projects were presented to community, academic and government stakeholders on January 23. All projects actively engaged with Bhopal communities , and in the case of School Plus, a number of projects  were implemented at the Prempura Government School. Design ideas for knitting the old and new city together have been presented to the Urban Administration and Development Department (UADD), as have research findings and design proposals on housing.  Some of the research projects provide opportunities for the development of future collaborative research, and will be followed up.

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International Conference

Reimagining Inclusive Urbanization: People Building Better Cities
Conference Program
Film: Reimagining Inclusive Urbanization
Films: Interviews with conference speakers
Book: Shrestha, K, Ojha, H., McManus, P., Rubbo, A., Dhote, K. (Eds) Inclusive Urbanization: Rethinking Policy, Practice and Research in the Age of Climate Change, Routledge, 2014


2012 Report Cover Intro 2012 Report Cover Ch1 2012 Report Cover Ch2 2012 Report Cover Ch3
1. Introduction
2. Housing Affordability for the Urban Poor
3. Kabadkhana:
The Makings of a Community
4. ‘Just’ communication:
The perceptions of justice and the Bhopal Gas Tragedy
2012 Report Cover Ch4 2012 Report Cover Ch5 2012 Report Cover Ch6 2012 Report Cover App
5. We are Bhopal:
Inclusive City Center
6. What explains the urban poor’s access to water?
Case Study: Kabadkhana
7. School Plus:
Inclusivity (and education) through community engagement
8. Appendices
Films: Interviews with studio and research participants
Films: School in the Streets,  Schools Plus Action Research Studio, Lost Phone, Chai in Bhopal, People of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Global Studio Project Presentations

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), January 23
Urban Administration and Development Department (UADD), Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, January 25
CEPT University, Ahmedabad, January 29
HCP Design and Project Management Pty Ltd, Ahmedabad, January 31
14th Conference on Humane Habitat, Rizvi College of Architecture, February 1 Chennai Urban Design Collective, March 4
Global Dialogues: Shadow Citie(s), AIA Center for Architecture, New York, March 29

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Conference Lunch

Madrasi Students

Painting School Wall


Australian Institute of Architects
International Union of Architects
National Institute for Urban Affairs, Delhi
Madhya Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor
Sydney Peace Foundation
ACHR Thailand
Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) Nepal