Global Studio at WUF7 in Medellin in 2014. Website restored November 2018

GS WUF Medellin

Global Studio at WUF7

Global Studio reunion at World Urban Forum 7 in Medellin, Colombia  with  Coral Gillet (Australia/Africa), Alice Siragusa (Italy), Nicolas Valenzuela (Chile),  Matt French (Australia/Afghanistan), Guy Trangos (Africa), William Chan (Australia), Anna Rubbo (USA/Australia) and Megan Bullock (USA). WUF 7 (“Urban Equity in Development”) attracted around 30,000 people. Global Studio offered sessions and exhibited People Building Better Cities: Participation and Inclusive Urbanization.

Global Studio and CSUD (Center for Sustainable Urban Development) partnered with the Urban Design Program, Columbia University, IIGH (International Institute for Global Health, Malaysia) Healthabitat (Australia), and the Urban Design Lab, Universidad Pontificia Boliviana (Colombia) to show PBBC in Medellin.

Restoration of

After WUF7, there were service problems with the Australian company, Net Registry. A decision was made to change hosts. Instead of returning the files, Net Registry deleted them. Losing the files was akin to the ‘house burning down’ as content had been assembled and posted over ten years of Global Studio activity. The moral of the story is always back up your websites- we hadn’t!

Most materials have been located, but not all. The Global Studio library was lost but many of those resources, and more, can be found on the PBBC Resource Platform. The News page, and photos of all who came to Global Studio, was also lost. If you have any Global Studio materials we have missed, please contact

A big thank you to James Reeves (NY) and especially William Chan (Sydney) for their work in restoring the site.