Johannesburg 2009

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Global Studio returned to Diepsloot at the invitation of the Diepsloot Community Development Worker, the Ward Councilor and the City of Johannesburg. Some 40 participants worked on projects, some of which were initiated in 2007-08 and carried forward in 2009. Through a process of engaged research and working with ‘people as partners’ 2009 outcomes included proposing designs, practical action in the fields of arts, culture and economic development; housing, nutrition, public health and sanitation

Global Studio 2009 and the films cover these projects in some detail: oral histories, the arts in action festival, a film to showcase Diepsloot hip hop artists, a business plan for Diep FM Radio, and proposals for a business incubator; research into social housing, spatial mapping of toilets and their defects. Design work supported proposals for improved urban agriculture and food security, a bridge to span the flood plain, urban design to create better spaces for people and an arts center.

Global Studio ended with presentations at Wits University and at City Hall by Global Studio participants and Diepsloot residents. With the successful establishment of two community based organizations (DACN and WASSUP), the transition from academic led to community led development in these areas began.

1. A+C presentation

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Report: Global Studio 2009
Slide Show: Global Studio 2009
Invitation: Diepsloot Arts in Action Festival
Film: Diep Salute
Exhibition: International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
Report: Urban Design for Capacity Development in Informal Settlements
Post Global Studio: Bridge Design Proposals
Post Global Studio: Diepsloot Urban Development Framework and Business Plan
Feature Article: Community-Led Design: Learning on the Ground, University of Sydney Annual Report, 2009
Presentation: Design and the WASSUP Collective, Columbia University, 2011

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International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2010 panel

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With support from Sticky Situations and Global Studio alumni, WASSUP and DACN have continued to flourish. In addition to the Global Studio–CSUD travelling exhibition People Building Better Cities, work has been profiled in the International Biennale Rotterdam, 2010 and Design with the Other 90% in New York, 2011. Invited by Global Studio, WASSUP’s Luckie Manyisi and Lerato Monama traveled to New York, attended the opening at the UN , and spoke at Columbia University and Parsons New School.

Design with other 90
Anna Rubbo, Luckie Manyisi and Lerato Monoma, Design with the othe 90%, NY

Working with WorldSkills and Paul Pholeros of Healthabitat since 2013, WASSUP has been able to improve a significant number of toilets, and provide much needed employment. In July 2016 WASSUP will host the Community Plumbing Challenge.

In 2014 Global Studio partnered with WASSUP, DACN, Sticky Situations and Rodney Harber to offer three days of discussion and debate at UIA Durban. Diepsloot representatives had some advice for architects on the theme “Addressing poverty and informality through design education and practice’.


“Many of you come to visit us in our township, you look at how we live, you talk to us and our friends, you measure our houses, you take pictures, but you rarely come back and show us what you did with what you learn- FEEDBACK to us what you learn and produce about US, we learn too and maybe we can teach you more.”
Dina Lerato Monama




“We are the users of your buildings , ask us before you give an award, we know whether it works or not.”
Papi Motlhompi Sathekge





DACN has had ambitions to have a center for their arts activities since the 2009 Global Studio design proposal. Funds for two containers were raised by Australian based alumni and friends in 2014.

Raise the Roof

In late 2015 the first container was delivered. A new arts precinct is emerging with space for meetings, rehearsals, storage and a small open air café.

Stills from Diep Salute

A film to promote Diepsloot hip hop artists