People, Place, Situations: Response

Vancouver 2006


Curated by Genevieve Blanchett and Jennifer Van den Bussche

People, Places, Situations: Response was a multi-site, multi-event travelling exhibition examining architecture’s ability to restore the loss of place experienced during crises of political and ecological disaster, exile and the seeking of asylum, Indigenous dispossession and urban poverty.

Concerned with the role of the designer in the loss and reconstruction of home, PPS:R aims to find the poetic, political and practical linkages betweek the experiences of displaced people in different circumstances in many parts of the world.

PPS:R was shown in Vancouver BC in June 2006, in conjuction with Global Studio. Large images were posted as billboards on the streets of the downtown eastside, and filmed interviews shown in small gallery.

1. Film Festival
Aboriginal Australia on film
Spartacus Books 319 W Hastings Street
19-21 June 8:00pm start200

2. Exhibition
Outdoor exhibition on the street frontages of West Hastings Street

3. Video Installation
Urban (dis)placement compares Native Australian and Canadian understandings of home.
The Parking Spot 8 Cordova Street
14-23 June daily