A collection of five short films from Global Studio Bhopal 2012.

Films showcasing the reflections and comments from the participants, mentors and convenors of Global Studio Bhopal 2012.

Interviews with the speakers of the Global Studio international conference ‘Reimagining Inclusive Urbanization’ from January 7-9, 2012.

Short films, interviews with speakers at the Global Studio international conference ‘Reimagining Inclusive Urbanization’; interviews with Global Studio participants.

28 international and national design students carried on the work from 2008, working in Diepsloot, specifically 4 projects of: Information, Insulation, Environment, and Arts and Culture.

South African Broadcasting Corporation’s 50-50 program accompanied Global Studio over two days in July in 2007. This video is what 50-50 saw.

Global Studio 2007, Johannesburg, South Africa

A student film made to promote hip hop artists.